Camion makes shipping and logistics seamless & simple by serving as a virtual logistics platform for the transportation industry. By leveraging the power of Cloud, Telematics and advanced Algorithms, Camion solves the pain points of logistics industry and provides the ultimate freight shipping experience with improved visibility, live inventory management and reporting to all stakeholders.

Dynamic Dispatching & Invoicing

Camion’s dynamic load planning & dispatching comes with a smart load management dashboard that assist in fleet planning & consignment matching, driver scheduling, managing shipment lifecycle, dispatch information sharing and a lot more for all Full Truck Load (FTL) shipments. Transporters can also directly share invoices with their customers.


Camion makes interacting with Truck drivers for deliveries more convenient, timely and transparent. The Camion Driver App, available on Android Play Store & iOS App Store refreshes the entire Driver experience and transforms Truck Drivers into Brand Ambassadors. From assigning, starting or completing trips to POD capture or Document management, everything happens on the Camion Driver App.


Camion comes with a fleet capacity dashboard so that you are not losing your business due to lack of fleet visibility. It not only assists Transporters to manage their vehicles but also works as a centralized platform that allows transparent communication with Drivers & maximize fleet operations efficiency, even without the need to install a GPS device in vehicle.

Premium Trucking

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Simplifying and Reforming

end-to-end Logistics Management

Camion- the technology-enabled Software-as-a -Service based intuitive solution provides end-to-end logistics optimization right from load building, order booking, enroute tracking and accurate shipment mapping and driver management.


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